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logo is another CTF style that mainly focuses on web hacking which included XSS, SQLi, PHP misconfiguration, session hijacking, etc. For your information, the site was created by the Korean. Even though the web UI is quite sloppy by the time the write-up is created but the content is rich enough to blow your mind.

Note: Currently there are 61 old challenges. Expecting new challenges coming through this year, 2020.

List of Writeup

old Challenges

writeup points tags
old-1 200 Session hijacking
old-6 100 Session Hijacking, Scripting
old-10 250 HTML
old-12 250 JavaScript
old-14 100 JavaScript
old-15 50 JavaScript, Linux
old-16 100 JavaScript
old-17 100 JavaScript
old-18 100 SQL Injection
old-19 150 Session Hijacking
old-20 200 Scripting
old-23 200 XSS
old-24 100 PHP
old-25 150 LFI, PHP
old-26 100 PHP
old-27 150 SQLi
old-32 150 Scripting
old-33 200 PHP
old-36 200 Linux
old-38 100 CRLF Injection
old-39 100 SQLi
old-41 250 Linux
old-42 200 HTML
old-43 250 PHP
old-47 150 Email Header Injection
old-51 250 SQLi
old-54 100 XMLHTTP
old-58 150 JavaScript
old-61 200 SQLi


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