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5 September 2020 write-up: old-18

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old-18 100 SQL Injection

Welcome to another web CTF style challenge. Today, we are going through a SQL injection (SQLi) room.


We got a query form at the front page, Let’s inspect the source code.


Alright, we have a piece of SQL code inside the PHP section. Given the id of admin is 2, the payload of the URL based SQL injection should look like this

?no=2 or id='admin'

This is what the query look like

select id from chall18 where id='guest' and no=2 or id='admin'

The id parameter can be both guest and admin now due to the OR case. Also, the no parameter must be 2 as given by the hint of the challenge

However, judging from the code, it seems that space (x20) character has been filtered out by preg_match function and we have to bypass the filter. After a few searches, I come across the tab key (x09) bypass. The new URL based SQLi will look like this



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