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12 September 2020 write-up: old-36

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Greeting there, welcome to another series of CTF based challenge. Today, we are going through a corrupted text editor challenge.


The author of the challenge forgotten to save the file when there is a power outage. Luckily, the author using vi, another type of text editors like notepad or nano. With vi, the unsaved file usually backup as .swp file format even you have forgotten saving the file. To prove such a concept, I have tried to create an index.php using vi and accidentally closed it without saving it. Here are the result


As you can see, there is a hidden .swp is created by the vi. The answer is straight forward, the flag located at


After downloading the file, try to open it up with the vi. Hold Down key + F to locate the bottom of the page. The flag resides right there.


Alternatively, you can use strings command to capture the flag.

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