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30 August 2020 write-up: old-10

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Welcome and welcome to another webhacking challenge. Today we are going through a simple HTML challenge. Fact is HTML is not a programming language. Jeez, how many times I need to tell people about it.


The front page shows us the 100m running track or should I said 1600px running track. Why 1600px? By looking at the source code, it seems that we got something after the pointer ‘O’ reaches 1600px.


Another thing is if you tried to click on the pointer ‘0’, it moved by 1px. Guess what, you need to click 1600 times to reach the go and that is no good. A simple hack is, change the increment value on the HTML source code from value 1 to value 1600.


Click once and pwn the page.


And this is how you hack NASA. Just joking. Another thing is, directly alter the ?go GET request won’t do any good.

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