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5 September 2020 write-up: old-32

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old-32 150 Scripting

Welcome and welcome back to another CTF challenge. Today’s challenge is a bit interesting as you have to vote your way up.


Look like someone making their way up. Time to make ourselves top of the chart by using a simple python script.

import requests

url = ""
header = {'cookie':'PHPSESSID=<change your session ID>'}

for i in range(0,100):
        req = "?hit=DesKel"
        r = requests.get(url+req, headers=header)

Make sure you have changed the PHPSESSID before running the script. The username (DesKel in my case) is optional.

Try to refresh the page and you will see yourself climbing up the rank. After a few seconds, refresh the page and solve the challenge whenever you reached 100/100 votes.


another solve

tags: - scripting

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