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11 August 2020

THM write-up: Linux Challenges

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Hello there, welcome to another tryhackme CTF write-up. Today, we are going through a Linux challenge. Either you are a new or old Linux system user, this challenge is just for you. This room is created to sharpen up your Linux skill.

~~Disclaim: If you are looking for flag 25 and the RDP flag, this is not the right walkthrough for you. So far, none of the challengers are able to solve the entire challenge and I have tried my best. Maybe, just maybe in the future, I will try to reattempt the task again. ~~

Update (30/10/2019): Flag 25 and RDP flag are officially marked as unsolvable. Basically, this is a complete walkthrough. Enjoy!

Task 2: Introduction

Task 2-1: Garry’s home directory

First and foremost, ssh to Garry’s SSH shell using the following command.

ssh garry@<Machine IP>


Require directory list command


list file

Task 3: The basic

Task 3-1: Flag 1

Require Read a file command


flag 1

Task 3-2: Flag 2

Login to bob’s SSH shell for flag 2

flag 2

Task 3-3: Flag 3

Use ls -la to list hidden file and directory. The flag is hidden within .bash_history.

flag 3

Task 3-4: Flag 4

Required user defined cornjob command

crontab -e

flag 4

Task 3-5: Flag 5

Flag 5 is hidden within bob directory. Use recursive search with -rnw flag

grep -rnw /home/bob -e 'flag5'

flag 5

Task 3-6: Flag 6

Require recursive search command

cat /home/flag6.txt | grep c9

flag 6

Task 3-7: Flag 7

Require system process command

ps -aef

flag 7

Task 3-8: Flag 8

Require tar decompress command

tar -xvzf flag8.tar.gz

flag 8

Task 3-9: Flag 9

The hosts file located at /etc/hosts

cat /etc/hosts

flag 9

Task 3-10: Flag 10

You can find all user at /etc/passwd

cat /etc/passwd

flag 10

Task 4: Linux functionality

Task 4-1: Flag 11

The alias story within .bashrc file

cat .bashrc

flag 11

Task 4-2: Flag 12

The banner usually stored at /etc/update-motd.d

cat /etc/update-motd.d/00-header

flag 12

Task 4-3: Flag 13

Require different command

diff flag13/script1 flag13/script2

flag 13

Task 4-4: Flag 14

Log files are usually store in /var/log

cat /var/log/flagtourteen.txt | grep 3

flag 14

Task 4-5: Flag 15

You can find the system information at /etc/*release

cat /etc/*release

flag 15

Task 4-6: Flag 16

This one is a little bit tricky.

ls /media/f/l/a/g/1/6/is

flag 16

Task 4-7: Flag 17

Login to alice account and get the flag. (alice:TryHackMe123)

flag 17

Task 4-8: Flag 18

It is a hidden file. List it using ls -la command.

$ cat .flag18

flag 18

Task 4-9: Flag 19

To read a certain line of a text file, you need sed command

sed -n 2345p flag19

flag 19

Task 5: Data representation, strings and permission

Task 5-1: Flag 20

Require base64 decoder.

cat flag20 | base64 --decode

flag 20

Task 5-2: Flag 21

You need less instead of cat to read the php file. The flag is inside bob directory.

less flag21.php

flag 21

Task 5-3: Flag 22

Require hex to ASCII converter

cat flag22 | xxd -r -p

flag 22

Task 5-4: Flag 23

Require a text reverse command

cat flag23|rev

flag 23

Task 5-5: Flag 24

To reveal readable strings, you are require strings command.

strings /home/garry/flag24

flag 24

Task 5-6: Flag 25

(Marked as unsolvable)

Task 5-7: Flag 26

The find flag 26, punch in the following command

find / -xdev -type f -print0 2>/dev/null | xargs -0 grep -E '^[a-z0-9]{32}$' 2>/dev/null

flag 26

Task 5-8: Flag 27

Alice has sudo permission on reading the root flag.

sudo cat /home/flag27

flag 27

Task 5-9: Flag 28

Require uname comamnd

uname -a

flag 28

Task 5-10: Flag 29

Follow the following step to reveal the flag. (Garry)

cat flag29 | tr -d ' ' >flag29_noS
cat flag29_noS | tr -d '/n' >flag29_noSN
cat flag29_noSN

flag 29

Task 6: SQL, FTP, Groups, and RDP

Task 6-1: Flag 30

There are two ways to solve this problem. Through the browser or the curl command. Since this is the Linux challenge, I suggested curl.

curl localhost

flag 30

Task 6-2: Flag 31

If you are an expert on backend web production, this should be a piece a cat for you. Firstly, log in to MySQL using the following command.

mysql -u root -p

After that enter the password. The first thing you need to do is check all the available databases.


flag 31

Task 6-3: Flag 31_A

A bonus flag. After identifying the database, you need to list all the table.

mysql> USE database_2fb1cab13bf5f4d61de3555430c917f4

flag 31 a

Look like we have a flag table inside the database. To read the content inside the table, u need to select all.

mysql> SELECT * FROM flags;

flag 31 aa

Task 6-4: Flag 32

Download the flag from Alice directory using Filezilla and listen to it. Easy!

Task 6-5: Flag 33

The .profile is the correct location to store your $PATH (Bob directory)

flag 33

Task 6-6: Flag 34

To list the enviroment variable, you need printenv command.


flag 34

Task 6-7: Flag 35

getent is the answer.

getent group

flag 35

Task 6-8: Flag 36

The flag file is located at /etc. Who has the permission to read it?

cat /etc/flag36

flag 36

Look like bob is the chosen one.

Task 6-9: Flag 37

You need remote access to the bob desktop. Punch in the following command in your own machine.

rdesktop -u bob -p linuxrules

The answer to this task is pending. But I found an interesting backup folder called deja-dup. Perhaps that is the answer?


That’s all for the Linux CTF challenge. Hope you learn something today. See you again ;)

Easter egg

This easter egg is for the Cross-site scripting in tryhackme (XSS). This is the solution to Task 8. Just for future reference, nothing personal. If you are interested in knowing how XSS works, you can try the XSS room.

Task 8-1: xss"><!--><svg/onload=alert("Hello")>
Task 8-2: xss"><!--><svg/onload=prompt("Hello")>
Task 8-3: xss"><!--><svg/onload=alert(Hello)>
Task 8-4: xss"><!--><svg/onclick=alert("Hello")>
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