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10 August 2020

THM write-up: Basic Steganography

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Another day, another tryhackme room challenge. Today, we are going for a simple steganography challenge. If you are really in love with stego challenge, you can try rootme or hackthissite. For your information, stego is hiding something which can be in the form of text, audio, image, and video into another form of file. There are numerous tools used to extract data from a stego file, you can check this and this. For this challenge, we are going to try 5 different ways to extract the information from a stego file. Without further ado, let’s start the walkthrough.

Task 1: Simple stego

Something is hiding inside the image, can you find it?

task 1

I had tried the following ways to extract the data from this image. Let’s see the result.

Tool Result Remark
strings Failure All information is gibberish
exiftool Failure Nothing is hiding inside the metadata
zsteg Failure File header error
binwalk Failure Can’t detect the hidden file
steghide Success -

Look like we strike a goal by using the steghide. To extract the data using steghide, use the following command without any passphrase.

steghide extract -sf Challenge1.jpg

task 1 answer

You just get your first flag. However, the next challenges gonna take you a long time to solve it, how about listening to a song?


Task 2: Cracking the password

In the previous task, we have successfully extracted the flag using steghide. How about this one?

task 2

Once again, launch your steghide without the passphrase.

steghide fail

Oops, look like we need the passphrase to extract the flag within it. After searching across the stego tool list, I come across with a steghide password cracker called stegcracker. We are going to crack the password by using rockyou.txt wordlist. Enter the following command to crack the password.

stegcracker Challenge2.jpeg rockyou.txt

Now, take a break, have a coffee or watch a movie. This cracking process takes 2 to 3 hours for my Intel-i3 gen-2 laptop. If everything runs smoothly, you should get the following result.

task 2 result

The passphrase for the file is Passp0rt. Yup, the time and electricity I spent is definitely worth it.

Task 3: Crack and decode

Can you find the flag?

task 3

Similar to the previous task, you need to crack the password in order to extract the flag from the image file. This time, it took less than 10 seconds to crack the password. Huh… something not right.


What a simple password. Next, punch in the password and get the flag.


For your information, this is an encoding flag using a type of base. It can be base58, base64, base85 or even base91. Which one could it be?

base 64

Is a base64. However, something still not right. The flag is unreadable! Look like we have the mess with the alphabet order. Time to call the all-mighty Ceasar. (Cough), is Ceasar cipher.


A Ceasar cipher +16 solved the challenge.


That’s all for the basic steganography, cracking and decoding challenges. Hope you learn something today and see you later ;).

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