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15 August 2020

Des's review: [OSINT] UserRecon



This is an OSINT tool that searches the given username across 75 social media by using the CURL command. The script is written in a simple bash and currently only supports Linux. However, the tool is not so accurate as it is seen. Since the basic mechanism of the tool is to pull a page using the curl command. Hence, even some the website having a legit 404 status, it still manage to return status 1 to the curl (false alert). Overall is good, at least we can probe what user is on the internet.

Des’s review

The pro

  1. Probing the user on the internet with a single username.
  2. Heavily depends on social media and blogging sites.

The con

  1. The script is written in curl command, a big chance on a false alarm.
  2. Only support Linux due to curl command.

Des’s score: 2.5/5 (An average OSINT tool with high false alarm rate)

tags: review - osint

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