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15 August 2020

Des's review: [OSINT] DeadTrap



This is another OSINT tool which is phone-based. DeadTrap made a scan on the phone owner, the service provider (quite accurate), social media footprint, spam call risk as well as google extension search on the given phone number. However, the scanning radius is less in variety especially on social media footprint and the extension search can be wider by including multiple search engines. Good thing is, the console output is neat and easy to read.

Des’s review

The pro

  1. Phone location and service provider information are reliable
  2. International spam call risk check
  3. Neat console output
  4. Social media footprint is a feature

The con

  1. Scanning radius could be better by including multiple search engines

Des’s score: 4/5 (An OSINT tool that can be depends on but the search radius could be better)

tags: review - osint

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